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Legal disputes are a fact of life for many businesses and individuals throughout the nation, and Georgia is no different. Many residents and business entities have a need to sue someone or are the targets of a lawsuit when problems arise. While disputes are often settled via mediation or even arbitration in some instances, civil litigation is where many legal disputes are settled through a lawsuit prepared and presented before an administrative court or jury. The legal process for lawsuits is commonly complicated and driven by technicalities and judicial requirement, and having the right attorney representing your case is vital for any type of successful outcome. Legal professionals from The Law Office of Natalie R. Rowland Atlanta GA civil litigation attorney understand this dilemma for those in need of comprehensive legal counsel, and they are ready to work diligently for their clients’ interests in all legal proceedings.

Filing a Lawsuit

When alternative dispute resolution appears ineffective in arriving at an agreement considering a legal issue, the plaintiff attorney will typically file a lawsuit requesting a civil ruling on the matter. The case is prepared using all documentation and testimonial evidence stating the pleadings of the filing party. The respondent will then be served a summons to appear and present their claims against the case particulars of the legal motion and assert any defense.

Defending a Lawsuit

Defending against a lawsuit effectively also involves utilizing the experience of a civil litigation attorney who understands how to apply the rule of law when their client is facing a liability or breach of contract challenge. Many civil litigation cases actually involve contract law, and it is imperative to have a legal representative who understands how to present counter claims. Many times even a simple technicality can alleviate liability for the respondent, including a ruling regarding the validity of a contract and any subsequent breach.

The attorney you choose can make a major difference in the outcome of your civil litigation case. That difference maker in Georgia is at The Law Office of Natalie R. Rowland Atlanta GA civil litigation attorney.

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